New Office Interactive Pictures … Possible Blog Template Update/Change Help… Reminder Mostly Bank Holiday Today … Travels Later this Week …

Those dropping by the office over the last year may have noticed in staying with the times as we approach a decade and a half in our office … we updated our desks, furniture, added some large video monitors as well as larger computer monitors …. the last under the guise of having more virtual meetings (some of the purpose was to avoid readers and eye fatigue haha- not kidding) …

New Office Pictures

While the pictures are not out yet, and even with some interactive office views- looking forward to seeing what it looks like…. Last Friday October 6, 2023 the professional photographer came by in the afternoon and took the pictures…

Finding this very interesting and not having any problems chatting with folks….a Family member of the photographer also comes as a third generation web designer…. ahaaa…. An answer to our Blog Template (this site) retirement problem… Hopefully!

Just a reminder, today money will likely not move due to a Holiday… Prepare appropriately!

Traveling later this week, looking forward to the visits, the travel and seeing other parts of the country….not a lot of time to take things in, but always fun anyway!

Have a Great “New Interactive Pictures” Day!

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