April 2013 is Gone…Your Capital Market Review…and Video

Here is your April Review Video…Good News, this one is even shorter and to the point (thanks for the suggestions..haha) Next up, how to figure out how to get a more flattering picture on the initial screen.

Hope you enjoy the April 2013 J.K. Financial, Inc. John Kvale Capital Market Video Review

Our first point from April is Interest rates…..yikes…but a better finish.

We watch interest rates as a sign for the possibility of growth and or a slow down. GENERALLY, but not always a lower rate tends to proceed slowdowns. Rates on the 10 year fell to well below 1.70% signaling a slow down or an increase in fear. Early in May rates have found their footing and are moving back to less of a slowdown signaling level.

10 Year Yield

Taxes and Expenses from the Congressional Budge Office

Given April 15th is personal tax day and we have mentioned that it was a hard tax season this year as many/most seemed to be paying more, we dug this chart from the Congressional Budget Office forecast for 2013 and sure enough, they are expecting a much larger increase as well. Good forecasting on their part and unfortunately lighter pocket books on our part. We sure wish those lines would cross..meaning a balanced budget.

CBO Rev V Exp

Boston Marathon a tragic event

In a very crazy moment of a positive event gone south, the explosions of the Boston Marathon mark a spot in our April review. We wish all those that were injured a speedy recovery and we are happy for a quick capture.

Boston Marathon Explosion

That’s it for April. Hello May, hopefully you will not pass us so quickly.

Have a Great Day!

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