June 2014 Financial Planning Tip and Economic/Capital Market Update (Video)

Here is our monthly review video with a special Financial Planning Tip of the month as well. For those newbies, we round out each month with a Financial Planning tip from the trenches as well as a review of the most important Economic and Capital Market events. It all kicks off with a video summary that includes extra thoughts and more specific points with words rather than letters.

So here we go!



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FINANCIAL PLANNING TIP OF THE MONTH: Dust Off those Estate Documents

Who says spring cleaning has to happen in the spring. If you have not reviewed your Wills and Estate Documents in 5 years, the time is now.

  • Will
  • Trusts if applicable
  • POA – Power or Attorney (Financial and Medical)
  • HIPPA (release of medical information)
  • Living Will – DNR (do not resuscitate) – AKA Cease and Decease (Un plug me doc)

These are your key Estate Documents … Be sure they say what you want them to! Take 15 minutes, to review, if you don’t have time, we will be glad to help! We always like having a soft copy in your personal vault for your and our quick reference too!

David V Goliath Political Situation

Wow….tea party folks take note, a relatively unknown takes out a staunch incumbent at the primary. This should make for very interesting fall elections.

Eric Cantor defeated by unknown David Brat.


Cantor V BrattOur suspicion is increased tension going into the fall. While uncertain how this plays out, let’s keep this on our radar.

Surprise No Interest Rate Talks – CPI

After exhausting many, including ourselves at times, 10 year interest rates have moved back up to a zone that is more comforting to us FOR NOW, however, just like clockwork, a hot CPI number posted to grab our ADD (attention deficit disorder) attention.

We are watching closely, here is a deeper post too.

6-17-14 CPI no revisions

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