Super Fun Successful Sirius Radio Show Co-Host … RMD … Friday 4 Hour Dragon Slayer

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On Tuesday (11-4-14) of this week, the live Sirius radio show aired.

From a quiet remote location the call came in at 3:58 pm  …. “John how the heck do you pronounce your last name?” said Michelle the very sweet and calming producer.

K a v aa l ee” but “hey you” works too, I said, fighting a few nerves.  Michelle chirped back, “Great, be ready in 20 minutes”

If you ever want to know how SLOW 20 minutes can go, just wait by the phone, wondering how your going to do, on an “I love Lucy Chocolate Factory Speed Financial Planning Question call in” aired live across the nation , all impromptu !

WhartonAt the 5 pm break  Michelle said  “John you are doing great,  we want you to be a guest again in the future.  You ready for another 30 minutes now?”….. “Ah…Sure” I said  .. WOW …

Since it is a Friday I will keep it short, but do expect another mention or two. VERY FLATTERED AND HONORED to be a part of the Wharton Your Money Live Radio Show

It’s RMD Time (Required Minimum Distributions)

For our mature clients of mandatory distributions age (70.5 or greater) the IRS wants their due.

This week and next we will process those not already completed.

Ahhhh, but it is a Friday heading into an attempted 4 hour dragon slayer Sunday (fellow marathoners), do not forget to spend time with those important in your life and go fellow dragon slayers !

Have a Great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP
8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

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  1. Wharton Radio , channel 111, your money.. I have only done one show so far ! Thanks a bunch ! John

  2. John, I listen to Sirius all of the time. Which program did you do? Thanks Sandy Leavert

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