February 2015 Financial Planning Tax Tip, Capital Market and Economic Review (Video)

Welcome to our monthly Economic, Capital Market, and Financial Planning tip of the month.

This months Financial Planning Tip of the month, like last months, may save you valuable tax dollars!

Once again a special thanks to all of  YOU … the best clients and friends as your experiences have again given us the subject matter for our Financial Planning Tip of the Month.

For those new to our writings, we touch on the most pertinent Financial “stuff” along with a video of my mug that has even more specialized details of the latest month as well as this post.

Ok…let’s go!


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Another special Tax saving Financial Planning Tip:

While last year (2014) is in the books, there are techniques to offset your prior year liabilities, even now, in the new year!

Fund that HSA if you have a high deductible health plan:

  • Single limit is $3300 + $1000 catch up for age 55+
  • Family limit is $6550 + $1000 catch up for age 55+

Set up a  Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) and make a pre-tax deductible contribution against any non-w2 income (think consulting, small business profit)Uncle Sam $

You may fund these plans for the prior year this year, effectively reaching back and lowering you tax burden.


Earnings update from Factset

Earnings are the ultimate driver of higher stock prices. If earnings do not grow and stocks continue to climb, they get pricey.  We have argued for sometime that US markets are frothy to the tune of 10-20%.

This from Factset:

… Highest Forward 12-Month P/E Ratio for S&P 500 since 2004 ..


Notice how for the first time in almost 6 years, earnings are leveling off, especially unusual at this early time of the year (frequently earnings estimates are revised lower, later in the year.)

2-23-15 Factset EPS Estimate

Needless to say we are watching this carefully.

Have a Great dash to spring !

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