June 2015 Financial Planning Tip, Capital Market Review (Video)

Welcome to our monthly Economic, Capital Market, and Financial Planning tip of the month.

This months Financial Planning Tip of the month is a reminder of another important account Title issue !

Once again a special thanks to all of  YOU … the best clients and friends as your experiences have again given us the subject matter for our Financial Planning Tip of the Month.

For those new to our writings, we touch on the most pertinent Financial “stuff” along with a video of my mug that has even more specialized details of the latest month as well as this post.

Ok…let’s go!


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TOD/POD Transfer/Payable on death – Another great Financial Planning Tip: 

  • Automatically sends assets to recipient upon death of other
  • Avoids probate
  • Since Avoids probate, may not be controlled by your Will
  • Very Powerful
  • Can lead to inadvertent mistakes in Estate Planning

While similar to our recent tip concerning Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship (JTWROS), we find this tip is actually forgotten about rather than accidentally used. Never by us … Give us a call if you have any confusion/questions!

China, Greece, Puerto Rico and Summer

With slowing earnings growth here in the USA and frothy capital markets, it did not take much to put fear into participants. Combine the trifecta (China, Greece, Puerto Rico) of events and summer doldrums and you get a dicey market.


Shanghai Composite

That’s a pretty scary 20%+ negative move by the China market … Until you take a longer view.

Shanghai Composite LT

With eyes of a wider spectrum, looks like to us a much needed breather. No matter, the weight of all at once, Greece, China and Puerto Rico have been too great for markets to maintain a positive attitude, thus far.

Watching close!

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