Our Article in USA Today Money Section! … Cathy Update … Friday Doldrums

Maybe it was beginners luck – whatever it was,  we will take it. Our first mass public article has been a success. We are certainly not changing careers, but it is nice to help many with their financial planning needs!

Thank You for the ideas!

USA Today Runs Our Article

On Monday, August 3, USA Today ran our Insurance claim related article… that originated from YOU, the best friends and clients in the world.USA Today Article Circle JK

After originally being published by credit.com and having  ABC News run our article, we thought surely we were done … Nope…

ABC News ArticleThanks USA Today, we enjoy your publication very much … even more now!



Cathy Update-post Spinal surgery

After having spinal surgery one week ago, Cathy is recovering well. Since she is unable to sit up for hours at a time, she has been in the office sporadically at best. Thanks so much for all the well wishes.

Hopefully …. with a little luck, she will be back full-time soon .. (tall walls at home we hear!)

Ahhh … today is a Friday, heading into a total summer doldrums weekend. Yesterday I received a notice that one of our weekly reports (Factset) will not even print a report for the next two weeks… OK .. I digress…

Be sure to spend time with those special in your life…it goes fast.

If I still have you this far into the post, you get a special notice… next week a BIG announcement … (Growing family at J.K. Financial, Inc …)

Have a great Friday !

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