Introducing two new ideas — Forecast and Reference Page – Friday from the Road

In a constant endeavor to improve, hold accountable, and make life more convenient we are introducing two new handy items today.

Forecast Tracker

Clearly there are more forecasts than anyone could ever reference, however we are going to begin tracking some of the ground shaking “Breaking News” like forecasts — and of course any of ours as well — good for the goose, good for and gander.

HSBC Interest Rate Forecast

First up on deck, analyst Stephen Major greatly reduced his forecast from HSBC – this guy called the 10 year yield 2014 drop correct, we will be tracking it this time — heavy implications if he is correct ! He sees the 10 year treasury going to 1.5% by the end of 2016, we think it closer to 3%.

We will review the forecast when the time frame is appropriate based on the guess — oh I mean forecast!

Reference Page

A great request for a handy reference page came from  a long time friend and client – thanks CB – we like your request and idea.

We are going to add a best ideas/reference page soon. Originally we will be pulling ideas from our Newsletters BUT we are also going to give you some of our super secret discoveries found over the last three decades of working in the industry —- shhhh – please tell everyone !

Friday Travels

Earnings kicked in this week and we have some winners and losers, but it is early– updates next week —- ahhhh – but that is next week!

Still out-of-state in a water surrounded state on business- enjoy your Friday and your weekend.

Anyone else get some of their best ideas while on the road? Maybe only me?

Have a Great Weekend !

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