April 2016 Video, Economic and Capital Market Monthly Review, By John Kvale

Here is our April 2016, all new…trendy format Monthly Economic and Capital Market Review, along with a Video for your viewing and listening pleasure. Hope you are enjoying!

 April 2016 Video

Financial Planning Tip – The Estate Plan

Estate Docs Summary

Recently we came across the fact that we did not have a post with a summary of Estate Planning Docs. Here is a link to the detailed explanation of each.

The documents needed:

  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Trusts

A good Estate Plan will likely include most of these documents.

Economic Update

US Dollar Takes a rest

After a scorching run (much stronger) in 2014 and early 2015, the US Dollar has slowed it’s ascent. While travelers abroad have enjoyed a stronger translation of currency, headwinds have occurred in many other ways.

  • International Company profits struggle
  • Commodity weakness
  • Foreign holdings sag in value
  • Foreign Countries holding US debt saw increased amounts
  • China devalue the US peg, slowly

4-29-16 US Dollar 1- year


GDP Update

The first Quarter of 2016, Gross Domestic Production (the broadest measure of economic growth/production) was revised to .5%.  The Federal Reserve members want this much higher, think 2% plus.

As can be seen this number is volatile and for some reason has been showing a rather weak first quarter reading the past several years.

Two consecutive negative readings of GDP are the definition of a recession.

 4-28-16 GDP Econoday

Capital Markets Update


After dropping to $26 and change in February, oil breached $45 a barrel this latest month. It is highly possible that when we look back on the affects of this extremely low oil price had on our economy, it MAY have been much greater than we ever expected.

Oil related tentacles may have gone much more broad than measured. Another benefactor of the stable/weaker US dollar.


4-29-16 Crude Front Futures


International Markets

Little brother international markets, more commonly known as Emerging Markets may be getting their feet under them. Tossed out and left for dead, these markets may have the strongest long term growth potential in the world.

4-28-16 EEM

Never go all in or all out !


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