Smart or Silly Markets ? …. Football …

We are just not sure what happened at the beginning of the year….

  • China Concerns
  • Interest Rate concerns
  • Slowing Global Growth
  • Silly market participants

After a record breaking negative start to the year ….all is better now…?

Small Company US Stocks Storm Back

The following chart of the Russell 2000 (Small US Company Stocks) is a show of fantastic resilience….


From top to bottom, that was a 28% drop… heck lets call it a 30% correction .. most of which has been recovered…. Wonder if this steep of a drop has occurred before without a clear crisis or recession ? Hey Donald the Brain… Can you let us know ?

Things getting better … “Smart Market“… or things no different… just a “Silly Market” ? Time will tell…



Ok, so truth be known, football season has already started. A collegiate upset weekend occurred last weekend and the NFL first Thursday night game was last night…

Good Luck to all… be careful when traveling near working venues…. Enjoy the games !

Talk to you next week !

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