May 2017 Podcast Video, Financial Planning Tax Review and Earnings Update- By John Kvale

The School years are finally finishing up…

Summer is beginning across the country…

While moving slower, business is still going on…. let’s review!

But First our 22cnd Annual Holiday Party Announcement!

November 18, 2017 at The Dallas Texas Arboretum from 1-3 PM – Food and Fun – Enjoy the park until 5 pm!



Here is the review!

May 2017 Video


Financial Planning Tip(s)-

Credit Reportcredit-40673__340

With today’s technology, it’s no surprise more data is being used by everyone from our Mortgage companies to our Insurance carriers to set rates charged to us.

Given the comprehensive use of our data it has become even more important to guard our credit reports.

In our post here, we discuss the importance of watching our credit and how to check your credit report as well as getting a copy of your report, along with ways to dispute difficiences as well.

Sharing your financial life without giving up control

In this post, one of the most popular of the month, we discussed the ability to give access to your financial life, but not control, to someone.

Our job is of course to always know where everything is located and help carry the spirit of your wishes, but the sharing option of our New Total Vault may be an easier introduction to the subject matter, should you desire to bring it up on your own.

You may even want to have a subtle suggestion for the access to a special person in your life …. we have you covered with our New Total Vault.

Capital Market Comments

Employment Update

With over two thirds of our GDP (Gross Domestic Production) aka broad measure of our economic growth, being consumer related consumption, an employed and happy consumer may likely lead to better growth prospects for the US Economy. Here is the full review!

The consumer is certainly employed, as shown by this chart of the falling unemployment rate!


Hello Swimming Pool, talk to you at the end of June !

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