Holiday Party RSVP Reminder … Slower Processing Near Year End … Time Change … Donald “The Brain” Shines Preview … Friday

Our 25th Annual Holiday Party is shaping up to be great fun…. We have a neat surprise at the event, VR (Virtual Reality) for those that have not seen the possible future of meetings, gaming and communication… Thanks to the 14 year old for setting this up!

RSVP Deadline is Monday November 8, but we have a little wiggle room if you have reason for a late decision!

Slower Processing Time Warning

A while ago here, we mentioned the commencement of RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions), next week these will occur in full force as we are detecting early softness in processing times, very similar to year end last year…

Do not wait till the last minute for any year end processing similar to the RMD i.e. Donations, contributions, time sensitive matters of any sort… there are still tons of remote workers in all parts of our transaction food chains….

Last minute processing will most certainly lead to added stress…. who needs that, so jump now and avoid the stress! We are heeding our own words!

Fall Back – Time Change

While not our favorite time of the year, being glass half full, with the Sunday November 7th time change, those morning outdoor workouts will be a bit brighter, of course as the expense of earlier sunsets….

Don’t forget to go to bed a bit earlier on Saturday night as your Sunday morning will come Fast Fast… heck, hardly any clocks need changing as most do it automatically,…. well Microwave and Car don’t but the trusted Cell and many other do!

Donald “DC” The Brain Shines Preview

Some of you call him the Wonder Kid, that fits too and he doesn’t mind at all….

You guys hear of my triumphs all the time, so certainly want to give “The Brain” his well earned cover as well…even though he probably would not have it if it was up to him…luckily I have the keyboard…haha (Maybe too much coffee this am .. sorry)

Next week, will include some national media “The Brain” has garnered from his continued expertise with some very technical portfolio tools that he has not only mastered, but been an important voice in the updates, changes and look of for future improvements…

Well Done and congratulations on the Recognition!


With some travels under the belt, today, Friday feels nice…. looking forward to a recharging weekend….

Get ready though, back at it strong next week…

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



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