Donald Capone aka “The Brain” Interviewed Again for his Expertise … Well Done “DC” !

Those of you that have ever been on a call with “The Brain” (aka Donald) ….and have heard him clicking the keyboard doing scenario analysis, such as exact tax implications post a move as well as detailed allocations and historical analysis, may wonder how he has all of this information at a moments notice….

The technical name is IRebal, a super powerful portfolio and investment tool! Donald has mastered the program, helped update the views and also given valuable input on the most important future direction of the tool…..

Donald “The Brain” Gets Flattering Publicity

This is directly from a major industry publication Wealth Management

“The landing page [of the dashboard] tells you all the info you need right off the bat … and allows you to make that quick decision on a visual level and ask yourself ‘do I need to dig into something deeper?’ That ‘yes’ or ‘no’ just did not exist in the old view,” said Donald Capone, the main portfolio manager in the two-advisor shop of J.K. Financial, Inc. based in Dallas. In the older version, getting to that step required him to run a seperate query. 

He said that the firm used the right term when calling the re-design of the interface a “modernization.”

“It definitely looks like you would expect it to now—it’s doing the exact same thing we’ve been doing with it from the beginning but now it matches with what expectations are of what software should look like these days,” said Capone. That should make it easier for new users to adopt the tool, he said. 

“It looks more inviting, less daunting,” he said of the new grid interface, which allows advisors to drill down more deeply right from the screen without losing their place and having to navigate back. There are also improved filtering features and simpler navigation, he said.

Well done Donald, just great!

Have a Great “The Brain Does It Again” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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