CPI – Consumer Price Index Survey Weights – C/O Another New Fantastic Research Service … Pew Research Organization

With a tremendous amount of attention being paid to the Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Report (Consumer Price Index), we set off as part of our research to find an easy explanation of the breakdown of the index.

As a reminder the CPI index is a measure of inflation, hence the increase rhetoric not only in the public domain, but here as well, as we have spoken about it multiple times via analysis.

Back to the analysis, we found tons of information about the make up of the aforementioned CPI index, and a 100 plus items that make it up, but oddly it took us some time to find the true easy breakdown in larger macro elements of the CPI index.

Great news, a new approved non-copyright use from a fantastic new research service called Pew Research has been discovered. With approval from their public relations folks, we are happy to finally show you this wonderful graph that breaks the CPI index down into very easy and visually friendly context.

We will be referring back to this graph frequently, as some of our future commentary will be about this CPI index, and what it may look like in the future and what it means from a Federal Reserve/FOMC standpoint.

Have a Great “CPI Index Simplified” Day!

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