Heads Up for a Busy “Headlines” Week – CPI Consumer Price Index aka Inflation Measurement – FOMC Federal Open Market Committee Rate Increase Announcement …

While the Holiday Season is getting closer, Economic data must go on….

On Tuesday we get the CPI (Consumer Price Index) bluntest of instruments for Inflation report from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) ….

All about expectations versus actual, “for the moment” …. Last months was 7.7% year over year and the expectation this time is for 7.3% …

Above the 7.3% will likely lead to disappointment and below or well below a short term applause …

On Wednesday Jerome Powell and his buddies at the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will in all likelihood raise rate the much expected .50% to the 4.25% – 4.50% level….

While it is not super obvious from the chart above, the longer term 10 year treasury (blue) is much lower and trending lower than the shorter term 2 year treasury …. this is an inverted yield curve….

With Powell pushing short term rates higher with a .50% increase, the interesting observation will be what the 10 year does, as the 2 year is captive to Powell’s movements, being so near in time frame!

Sorry for the heavy start to the week… we promise an easier rest of the week… but wanted to let you behind the curtains of our watch this week….

Have a Great “Busy Economics” start to the week!

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