Fed Watch… All Eyes (not on Vacation-haha) On FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) Rate Increase or NOT – NOT being most likely … CME Fed Tracker Review …

With a Jerome Powell lead FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting this week (Announcement Wednesday to be exact) AND an economic projections due this announcement….

Let the Gaming Begin of a rate increase or not?

CME Fed Tracker – 70% Stay 30% Raise .25%

Left Graph is 70% and the markets pricing of a probability of NOT raising…

Right Graph is 30% and the probability of raising .25% or 25 basis points…

By the Way…. Of course the FOMC watches market expectations and know if they raise it will be a slight surprise…. 25 basis points is really nothing at this point, considering the meteoric rise in our rear view mirror….

Have a Great “Fed Fund Watch Week”!

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