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The Survey Says ……

For those like myself who remember the original Bob Barker Price is Right, there is a new, fresh off the press, CFA Survey. In Price is Right format, The Survey Says …

CFA Professional Investors Survey

Yesterday the results of a global professional investor survey in which Donald and I were a part, were released. We will go into greater detail in non-Friday coming weeks and possibly our next newsletter. Here are three favorite charts.

 Professionals across the board expects the Global Economy to Grow! (Below)2014 CFA Global Growth

They all expect their own country to grow the best….home biased ?? (Below) 

Notice how each regions home country has the highest chart. At least everyone is confident in their own country … maybe too confident, for sure homeward biased!

2014 CFA Equity Growth

Trust is not too high?? (Below)

2014 CFA Integrity

This last chart is most puzzling as it indicates only a lukewarm amount of trust. As professional investors we are trained to be skeptical, but not this much.  Trust but verify???

Have a Happy Friday and a Good Weekend!

John Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Am I the only one having trouble catching this fast-moving/shortened holiday season.. Wow ????

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Global Executives More Positive … Expectations Become Reality ?

You know us and surveys, especially about squishy subject matter.  In a recently released McKinsey report which we found very interesting, especially considering it echoes our thoughts of a Europe recovery and possible global recovery, ALL areas measured expect growth.

Note the highlighted Euro zone improvement AND improved expectations across the board. NICE…. Expectations CAN lead to reality… in our opinion.

Again, just because we can grow economically does not mean capital markets will continue higher, unfortunately there can and often are disconnects between economic growth and the capital markets i.e. Markets here domestically have WAY outgrown growth thus far this year.

Here is the chart.

McKinsey SVG_EconConSrvy_Sep13_ex1

Have a Great Monday!

John Kvale

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