Our First Video (Review and Preview), February…Where did you go? The Brain hits the slopes

With a year that is flying by we wanted to take a moment to look back at a couple of key events of the latest month, February 2013……good bye:February 2013

  • Sequestration, the $85 billion overhype…While a large amount to you and me, $85 billion is just not enough in an economy as large as the US to move the needle, although it has been talked about more than we would have thought
  • Dude I want my Dell back….Michael Dell goes after his company and attempts to take it private at a price below what current shareholders desire, fighters take your corners..the only rule is there are no rules…
  • No QE to Infinity?..Surprise…. Some fed governors begin talking about removing the punch bowl early, maybe even this year and market participants as well as bonds take notice, as of late in the month chief dove, Chairman Uncle Ben Bernanke assures markets the punch bowl will remain; In our opinion the dialogue has begun and will continue

On a personal note, as we head into the weekend, Donald The Brain will be out a few days next week as he and his wife take to the slopes with friends for some pre-spring break fun. The computers here at the office will be happy with a much-needed and deserved rest from his regular workouts.

In a new for us, for those such as myself that are more visual and audible, I have enclosed a short video with thoughts to go along with this month end review.

Let us know your thoughts

Have a Great Weekend!


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