May 2014 Financial Planning Tip and Economic and Capital Market Update (Video)

Here is your May 2014 video review. The year continues to fly as next month marks the half way point. For those new to our work, this is our monthly review of economic and financial events highlighted by a monthly financial planning tip and a video to liven it up a bit….. Here we go !


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Plan that Vacation in Advance

With the return of a growing economy, this years vacation expectations are one of the best on record. Airlines, hotels, and all of the travel industry have taken note and are ready. Past the great recession, lesser availability of all resources has driven costs much higher, especially for those waiting until the last-minute.

Planning as far in advance as possible and making use of our favorite sites may help cushion the blow/expense:

  • Compare all airlines, recently even Virgin a premium carrier was caught running low cost fairs

No one says a vacation has to be expensive to be fun!

The Elephant in the room … Interest Rates Of Course

10 Year 5-30-14

It is said on Wall Street fixed income (bonds) are always smarter than equity investors (stocks). Much of this stems from fixed income investors only worry about the return in the income, not much else.

I will leave you with this interesting chart from JPMorgan (Possible recession signal) …. Part of the reason we are watching so close.

JPMorgan Recession rates slide


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