Jeremy Siegel …. Investopedia 19 thousand views … Market Comment

This felt like a Wharton Business School week.

After guest hosting the Wharton Sirius Radio show on Tuesday, on Wednesday who pops out of the hallway for a speaking event that I was attending, none other than Wharton Professor, researcher, and noted author, but Professor Jeremy Siegel.20160518_202754686_iOS.jpg

Thanks to a quick handed friend nearby, a picture was taken. There was even enough time to ask if he was friends with Kent Smetters, the host of the radio show, which Professor Siegel said of course he new him. Not being too impressed by the fact that I was a co-host just 24 hours before… I asked Professor Siegel to say hello to Kent for me anyway…

This time, unlike Professor Siegel’s last appearance, we were able to get his slide deck… expect some great posts in the future as we dissect his views …. ya ya nerds… Hey this guy is kinda famous in our industry!….still nerds…

Investopedia Update – 19k Views ! WOW

In an effort to help many, in a public manner, this week we were notified that our top three Investopedia answers had received more than 19 thousand views.

This was great news as the weekend question answering is doing good and gave new enthusiasm!

Market Note

On Wednesday of this week, the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) released their minutes from the most recent official meeting on April 26-27. There is a slight delay for completion and digestion purposes.

Bottom line – FOMC members are telegraphing a possible June rate hike. Short term a headwind, long term a positive from our perch!

We have some great information from various sources on this subject …. BUT it is a Friday and this has become a longer post than our normal Friday… Enjoy your weekend and look for more info soon on all of the above!

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