Update on Interest Rates … Have they Peaked? A Review of the 10 Year Treasury …

The extra speedy move of interest rates upward have put pressure on “Safe” assets, notably bonds or fixed income.

As reviewed here in great detail and with a special video on the subject, as rates rise, headwinds are created, BUT the opposite is true…. rates stabilize or even lower, big tailwinds…

Have Rates Peaked ?

Using the 10 year treasury as our marker for this review, after peaking 3.15% a few weeks ago, rates have come in and are now around 2.76% …. Progress and stability!

Here is a zoomed in chart….

Just like the change from Winter to Spring to Summer, it rarely occurs in a straight line…. remember also this longer term rate (10 years) is a measure of economic growth and will not be directly effected by the Federal Reserve overnight rate increases (thats our checking accounts)…

Have a Great “Interest Rate Watch” Day!

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