CPI (Consumer Price Index) – Inflation Measure Holds High — FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) Green Light for Continued Tightening …

Last Friday, June 10, 2022 the BLS (Bureau Of Labor Statistics) released their monthly data on the CPI (Consumer Price Index – Great Analysis Link Here) Most blunt measure of inflation — Ok lots of abbreviations but stick with us for the main takeaways…

For the record we called a possible top here, and while the increase of the CPI was only .4% than the prior month, it was NOT a deceleration YET…

Bottom Line Result

Cutting to the chase for those with little time – This hotter report will give the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) led by Jerome Powell a green light for further tightening faster – creating a faster slowing of the economy…

Quick FOMC Fed Funds Analysis – The Rate Increase Measure

(Take note once again, the first rate hikes on far left of chart took three years…. the next rate hike cycle ..one in middle right, took almost FOUR years… this one MAY be literally months… again this fits our thesis of headwinds came fast and are behind us (Look Forward not Back)– had to put that plug in while we were on the topic…)

CPI Analysis – What’s the Hold Up

With Owners Equivalent Rent/shelter being a very large portion of the CPI component…. its fast turn around is holding the CPI Up along with food inflation as well….

Note that far right movement up….

Oh and oil prices moving higher did not help either…..

Bottom line, continued FOMC rate increases, faster slowing of the economy, eventually… lower interest rates faster …..

Sorry for the heavy Monday, but wanted to get it out there to you guys as it helps us clarify as well!

Have a Great ” Sticky CPI Explained” Day!

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