Bond Market Beats it’s Chest (Yield Curve Inversion) … Hot CPI gets a Yawn … Summer Doldrums ?

This week the bond market boldly spoke the R- word ….. it does this by inverting …. shorter yields higher than longer…. no bueno!

To top that off, a hotter than expected CPI (Consumer Price Index – blunt measure of inflation) this week garnered a big ….. YAWN…. (For the record, this was surprising to us….) ….

Could it be Summer Doldrums? Sure … actually glad to see folks get out, travel, spend time with family, relax, sharpen the saw… or however that goes… heck, this am I had less than 100 spam emails to dig through… maybe even the spammers are relaxing ..haha

It’s a Friday, so nothing heavy today…. all bets are off for next week on the analysis of this, have some great stuff ….. a lot going on right now, but let’s enjoy the weekend …maybe BE part of the Summer Doldrums – talk next week!

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