Why the Fed may be in a Pickle! CPI Inflation Hot … But Economy Slowing … According to Feds Own Research

Imaging you are walking an economic tight rope (We are calling it a pickle) and had no easy way out….

FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) led by Jerome Powell may be in a Pickle.

Too Hot But Also Too Cold

Here at the Cleveland Federal Reserve , the FOMC’s own research from one of their own showed an estimate of CPI for the most recent of 8.59%…. thing is, it came in above 9% ….

Much too hot for the FOMC’s liking!

Then you have this from ANOTHER of the Fed’s own research ….

Atlanta Federal Reserve GDP Now Cast

At the time of this chart their estimate was -2.1% … today it is -1.6% (jumps around as economic reports are released and fed into the beast/model) – predicting the R – Word!

C/O Pierce Kvale

Ok, so CPI/Inflation is too hot …. let’s slow this economy AND INFLATION down….

BUT Wait – the Economy is already slowing per my own members research!

What to do? The Pickle !

Have a Great “Glad not to be in a Pickle” Day!

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