Donald “The Brain” gets asked to be “Brain Date Ambassador” (Cannot make the name up) at upcoming conference … Well done and Congrats

Newbies may not be in the know, so we will happily give a little brag to our resident “Brain”… Donald the Brain that is…

When first announced many years ago … new access to some extremely sophisticated portfolio software tools became available, after tons of due diligence … Donald was ready to take it under his wing and we were off to the races…

Word sneaked out of his use and knowledge by the developers and later he became a Beta user, The Brain was instrumental in trial runs of updates and changes in programming as well as new design directions and applications….

Total control of positions, taxes, possible tax scenarios, specific level basis control to mention a few were the platform features … in non- “Wall Street Gibberish” controlling risk in our investment portfolios and paying as few taxes as possible… is the main function of this software…

The Brain First Surprise

Here is an post from an event in 2018 — to give you a bit more granularity

The Brain Does At Again

Several years ago at an industry gathering of over 3000 folks in a western coast town, the key note speaker begins with a review of all the neat things that had happened during the year and those that were instrumental in developing these items…

32 minutes into the three day event, up pops … Guess who?


A fellow professional tapped my shoulder, “Isn’t that your partner on the big screen?” “No he is at home this trip!” No, he was on the big screen talking of the use and adjustments of new portfolio tools…

The Brain as Brain Ambassador – Requested Yesterday

The inbox of Donald showed a request yesterday of being a coincidentally named “Brain Ambassador” have not gotten to the bottom of the request name yet but running with it for now….

Apparently someone still knows his knowledge of the platform!

“Would you be willing to have advisors have a Brain date at the conference and answer specific questions about the software?”

Honor and a pleasure…. yes of course he will…

Well done “Donald the Brain” autographs please….

Have a good day and Friday and enjoy your weekend…. Travels next week .. but will still be chirping here!

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