Happy Holidays … Gentleman’s Agreement Held? Will see … Mostly Out of Office Over the Holidays … Link to TV Post …

Happy Holidays ….. Over the remaining days of the year, there is a “Gentlemen’s Agreement” to basically do no harm…. this agreement was violated in 2018 by Guess who? Non other than an aggressively increasing rates FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee)

Not sure if you caught the news on Wednesday but the afore mentioned FOMC raised rates by .50% this week…

Not sure how this plays out, but Jerome Powell (FOMC chair) may not be bringing presents….

Holidays Out of the Office

While we will have electronics… (we always have electronics) …. we are planning on being out of the office most of the Holidays …

For the safety of the streets, with all of our gangs getting out mid day, we will also be out mid day…

Oh… here is the link to Wednesdays post here on our blog….forgot Youtube embeds do not make it through email servers these days….

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!

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