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Email Address is the New Home Mailing Address – Why the Restrictions Associated with Changes!

In the good old days our physical home address was the most important item for delivery of mail and physical identity. Not sure if your mailbox is like many, but for the most part paper delivery is WAY down and expected that in the next few years many entities (Credit Card, Mortgage, Paychecks… any kind of monthly statement) will completely discontinue options for paper delivery …. this is a much greener approach, and will certainly help our environment – we know it may be uncomfortable for some, but likely inevitable!

Email address replaces Home Address – Our Collective Responsibilitiesicons-157872__480 email address

Given the above mentioned facts, with our email address now been our most likely contact … similar to our physical address in the good old days, new restrictions for our collective security are welcomed, needed, and expected.

It’s for our own collective safety that to change an email address on a delivery should be more secure!

In today’s more secure and safe environment for us to change an email address on your information we will now need to submit a signed document – ok … it’s a bit of a pain, and in the good old days when delivery was mostly to our physical address we could do it for you – but that was as they say … the good old days.

With 95% of our clients receiving all of their information completely electronically we feel like we are the norm, and accept the new responsibility but slightly more challenging changes to our electronic delivery.

Docusign Anyone ? More to come on this soon!

Just a heads up in advance,  when we change our email there will be additional documents for our collective security to make the change.

We will make it super easy, but there will be an extra step.

Sorry for the hassle but again certainly for our collective security!

Have a Great ” Email is New Home Address” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Getting your Emails Four Times Faster and better Voice Calls too … Eventually! – Friday

Ten years ago, when we moved into our current Douglas Ave offices, phone calls were the norm. Today, emails dominate our electronic airwaves as the main form of communication!

As our regular summer project, we happily tackle some form of Technology EVERY YEAR —

A few years back, after an over caffeinated multiple day off site, out of state event, we (I signed up for) tackled the New Total Vault AND a new Web Page – a bit too much at once…

Last year, cloud based email system and client record keeping, relieving our server of stress and capacity….. Several hiccups along the way, so good call to take this one in singularity.

This summer, 4x speed – kinda!

10/100 Updated to 100/400speed- superhero-534120__340

Upload and download speeds … this may be backwards, but the new system is faster and hopefully more efficient –  Tech friends apologize, we are financial planners – but enjoy what technology does for us!

In true, strangled by the slowest dog fashion, while we have increased our speed four times, our hardware was maxed at 10/100!

New hardware ordered and promised!

Yes, we are nerds, but in today’s environment, remote is the norm — happily we comply!

Today, is Friday and our new hardware AND 4X speed was to be done for sure by Wednesday – the 24th!

Oh, did we mention our phones are VOIP – which means they should also get clarity with the new 4X speed– eventually!

Ahhhh…. a digression (or rant) may have occurred — rest assured in the not too distant future, we will receive your emails 4X faster than before, and hear your calls clearer – happily! But today is a Friday – a hot Friday, and the second of five days of a national tennis tournament in a neighboring city –

Enjoy your Friday, your weekend and the Summer- Talk to you next week!

Have a Great “Soon to be Four Times Faster” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.