New Intro and Music -February 2017 Podcast Video, Financial Planning Tip and Economic Review- By John Kvale

February …. The Shortest month of the year!

A busy time of the year too….

We made the best of it, we covered a lot of ground!

Hope you like the new intro and music for our video!

As a reminder,  we started with an Audio Podcast format for those that are unable to SEE the video or just prefer to listen to the audio… this makes the review slightly longer, but more descriptive.


February 2017 Video

Financial Planning Tip(s)-

Simplifying the Probate Process

Thanks to all of the fantastic comments and views  .. here is the list in brevity :20170125_200814794_ios

  • Not usually complicated- some states can be
  • Probate needed for real estate, non beneficiary titled accounts or ownership
  • Creates a Letter of Testamentary
  • Multiple or Joint Executors can complicate
  • Not all Estates have to be probated
  • Inventory of assets may be needed
  • Effectively closes the Estate

One of the most crucial items for Probate to go smoothly, is organization up front.

Age 50 Catch Up Provisions

If you turn 50 by years end, you have deeper savings available to you.

  • $6k extra for 401k and the likefiftieth-birthday
  • $1k extra for IRA/ROTH and similar types

Here is the IRS reminder statement!

Speaking of reminders, we continuously find that employers need to be reminded the year one turns 50 that you can actually add extra funds into that retirement savings program — give them a call !

Will the Euro Survive?

Marine Le Pen Win Means No

According to our experts from the Out West Meeting (the one Donald The Brain Crashed in 32 minutes) if Marine Le Pen wins the Euro will not survive. This was a cross over item, as several different experts said the same thing unknowingly.le_pen_marine-9586

April 23, 2017 is the final vote.

So why are we watching this? If Le Pen wins, this may be the final nail in the Euro coffin. Assuming all believe this, capital market uncertainty would likely bubble.

  • Brexit – Capital Market shakes 3 days
  • Unexpected US president – Capital Market shakes 3 hours
  • Euro Breakup – Capital Market shake Unknown –

Our experts acknowledged this time line and lack of concern, but cautioned on becoming over confident.

Ok, we will be watching !

See you at the end of March!

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