July 2017 Podcast Video, Financial Planning and Capital Market Update- By John Kvale

Here is our July 2017 Monthly review.

July 2017 Video

Financial Planning Tip(s)-

Why NOT to add After Tax funds to your IRA

We carefully reviewed the disadvantages of AFTER tax funds in and IRA as we ALWAYS want good savings habits, but there are more and less efficient ways to save funds.

Here are the key challenges with after tax funds in an IRA:

  • Upon eventual distribution you must calculate a distribution basis which will be different from your actual distribution – Easy for the IRS to confuse
  • You must carry the basis on your tax return- forever- IRS Form 8606 must be filed to keep up with your basis
  • Your heirs may also have to deal with this basis upon your death

1 Minute New Vault Videos

The fun summer New Vault Videos have begun. Holding them to just one minute has been a formidable challenge, but so far we have done pretty well…

Resetting the password of Our New TOTAL Vault

Here is the post of one of the most common questions for our New TOTAL Vault….

Resetting or Acquiring a New Password

Remember you can always easily email us for a quick reset… but if you want to do it yourself… here you go


Capital Market Comments

Janet starts Shrinking “The Balance Sheet

In this lengthy post, we take a complete dive into not only what is meant by “Shrinking” the Balance Sheet, but also how it was bulked up and what the next step may be.



The line on the far right should begin to drop soon, moving back towards a more normal size Balance Sheet, like it was prior to the “Great Recession of 07-09” , shown by the far left of the chart.

See you at the end of August.

Happy Summer!

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