Signs of a less aggressive FOMC/Jerome Powell ? …  First time in a long time less happy to see the longest daylight day of the year pass …   Summer Friday heading into Fourth of July …

Mid this week FOMC chair Jerome Powell in front of a legislative public speaking event, for the first time mentioned that the FOMC could not decrease oil prices and food prices via faster interest rate hikes.

OK, we may take issue with this slightly because if they beat demand down enough, it will most certainly put headwinds to higher prices of both of these assets. However more importantly, this was possibly the first sign of a less aggressive FOMC, again shared by Jerome Powell.

Instantaneously capital markets took notice of the comments with a much happier tone as did interest rates with an extremely happier tone as well…

Interestingly, and speaking out loud to everyone our thoughts, just two weeks ago, a much harsher tone was voiced by Powell …given that fact, it’s way too soon to say the FOMC has taken their foot off the brake a little bit ….. Heck we still have a lot of economic data to get through for the next few quarters… some of which may be very hot and could have the federal reserve reverse course once again… but maybe it is a start..

We will be watching, but wanted to let you know a possible interesting breadcrumb that occurred this week.

Hot Hot Hot

With an unusually, extremely, hot summer shaping up here in the south, breaking hundred degree days by the week, we wave goodbye to the longest day of the year with less sorrow this year and a  bit of trepidation on what August … the seasonally hottest month of the year may bring.

Kvale front yard, watered daily !

Still better than ice and snow that no one here, present party included, knows how to drive on!

Today is a Friday, getting near Fourth of July midpoint of the year, enjoy your day and your weekend, and if you’re near us, stay hydrated and be careful out there!

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