Fourth Quarter 2022 Review, Bill(s), Rates, Bills and Sunshine – Private Policy, Annual Offerings

Dear Investor:


On December 20th, 2019 the Secure Act was singed into law. On December 27th , 2022 the Secure Act 2.0, a bill long in the works and a mere 4200 pages long was signed into law. The most important item in the financial world (there were a multitude of areas addressed) as the second upping of RMD’s to age 73. Look for more information soon from us.


In December the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) led by Jerome Powell raised rates to over 4% after starting the year at zero.  As mentioned in our Q1 2023 Newsletter article (Maybe a Tiger can change Stripes0, on a percentage basis this would be a possible once in a lifetime speedy move.  This may also be a return to a normal interest rate policy (hopefully) with no intention of going to the zero boundary again.  See Next point.


Not getting too wordie, but US citizens “bills” or the increase in them in the form of food, travel, energy, housing just to name a few are what is creating the opportunity of the afore mentioned speed of rates or rate increases. The CPI (Consumer Price Index) measurements continue to hold at much loftier levels than anyone thought possible (somewhat due to lagging indicators) and are allowing rates to rise and likely stay higher for longer.  This is a good thing for our safe assets aka Fixed Income/Bonds thankfully as most of the headwinds are likely behind us, again see Q1 2023 Newsletter lead article and associate graphs.


Last year at this time we were reviewing items such as “Anatomy of a Slowdown” and “The R” Word – Recession.

Today, from our unique “Personal Reflections” portion of our Q1 2023 Newsletter :

“Future is better

Just as we pointed out over a year ago what a slowdown looks like and that it might occur, we are now ready to point out later on this year it’s very likely the clouds of higher interest rates and two feet on the economic brakes by Powell are likely to clear.”

This is also the time we attach our Private Policy Statement for the year, along with our opportunity to offer our latest ADV filings and Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS); Requests for review will be accepted via phone, mail or email, and mailed immediately upon request.

Happy Turn of the Calendar, and Best Wishes for the Start of a New Year!


John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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