January 2018 Podcast Video, Financial Planning and Capital Market Update- By John Kvale

Hello and Welcome to our January 2018 Financial Planning and Capital Market Update!

If you are too busy to read, feel free to listen as we describe our post and thoughts in friendly podcast format.

January 2018 Video

Financial Planning Tip (s) –

Fraud Reminderthief

Two and 1/2 issues in one week… No one was harmed, but it was a great reminder, they are out there!

As we mentioned in our post just prior to this one, the Grand Enchilada of Tax Forms enters the mail and electronic systems this week. These most popular forms are due by the end of January and fraudsters are taking notice.

Keep your eyes and ears out for anything suspicious!

Vault Saves Day Twice

Here in our real life experience post, we ended up needing the Vault to help save time and a HUGE hassle at a far distant Tennis Tournament. Who would have thought they would be so strict in identification at a Tennis Tournament?

Here is a neat reminder of what might do into your very own Personal Vault:

Legal Documents □ Wills □ Deeds □ Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts □Power of Attorney □ Codicils (Supplements made to a Will) □Living Wills/Health Directives □Prenuptial Agreements □ Buy/Sell Agreements □ Contracts Social Security and/or Veteran’s Administration Info Insurance Policies (Life, LTD, Disability, Medical, Car, Property) Medical Records Bank & Investment Statements □Pensions, IRAs, passport-2642170__340Annuities etc. □Investment Accounts □Stock Options/Certificates Liabilities □List of Credit Cards with contact information □ Mortgages □Loans Taxes □Tax Returns □ W-2 Forms Identification □ Birth Certificates □ Drivers Licenses □Passports Family □ Adoption Papers □ Marriage License □Pictures □ Audio Files □ Video Clips Property □Titles to Homes, Autos, Boats, etc. □ Warranties Employment Benefits

Capital Market Comments

Interest Rates

10 Year Treasury touches 2.70% – Where to next?

After floundering in the low 2% range, it appears interest rates may be on the rise. This is just in time as the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) are set to raise short term rates several times this year and the one thing we DO NOT WANT is an inverted yield curve (more on this another time).

We have argued higher rates are helpful as long as they move gradually.

So far so good!

1-29-18 10 Year Treasury

Have a Great Day!

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