How Snowflakes are Formed … Very Relevant in Our Neck of the Woods recently… Preview of more AI (Artificial Intelligence) and good ole Federal Funds Rate (Increase this week)

Ya ya … it was 100+ degrees for like 60 days this summer….those afar go ahead and giggle (many have already jabbed- tha’s cool and deserved – haha)… in the 20’s suddenly and the schools in our area were closed T-Friday — Make up Weather days here we come…. amazing how out of sorts the schedule can get with just a few snow days….digressing

How Snowflakes are formed

Of course from our buds at Visual Capitalists… thought timely for sure!

Travels Coming – Previews

With some business and pleasure travels planned – south and north soon, early work on posts are on deck… Want to talk more on AI (Artificial Intelligence) if you missed it, we spoke about it here- who knew it would be so cutting edge… not us – and our good ole friend Federal Funds Rate which were raised this week….

Ahhhhh….today is a “Thaw out Friday” and “See how much School can be forgotten in Three… no Four Days” Weekend…

Enjoy your Friday and weekend1

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