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July 2023 Video


Financial Planning Tip(s)

AI – Artificial Intelligence Update – Great but Not Saving the World

In this timely post (in our humble opinion – IMHO) we revisit the latest rage… AI – Artificial Intelligence – very similar to Dot.com in our opinion… So we try to clarify…

Oh… Here is a GREAT YouTube resource for explaining AI – Christopher Penn a Marketing Expert we have long followed

From the Post:

AI – Artificial Intelligence Today explained

Program assigns a number to all the words in the English Language – other languages too of course.

Cluster of huge computers located somewhere inexpensive scans everything it can get its eyes on, and tags the patterns of the numbers from the words it has scanned…

Not kidding, this is it!

Cyber Reminder –

They are at it again…. Watch out!

Capital Market Comments

Go Powell Go – Rates a 24 Year High – Both Feet On the Brakes!

Careful what we ask for….

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