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Average Monthly Cost of Health Insurance for a 40 Year Old and Change Year over Year 2020 V 2021

Originally Planning a Part II of Our Market Valuation Series, started here, we decided to go a little lighter due to the lengthy January Review Video Posted Monday!

This from our Friends at Howmuch.net

Green is good and means the cost went down…. slightly counter intuitive…

Red is bad and means costs went up for our 40 year old!

The item we garnered from this, more rural areas are more likely to see a price decrease, with higher populated areas and increase….

Not sure if this is Covid related or normal… hopefully we can find another chart in the future for comparison!

Have a Great “40 Year Old Health Insurance Comparison” Day!

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Why we like High Deductibles!

As we worked on our PLUP – Personal Liability Umbrella Policy Newsletter and Blog Post, we repeatedly ran across reasons to discuss our fondness to the Higher Deductible options on almost everything.

This article has also spawned a related article, about Emergency funds – neat chain of events articles!

Consider the High Deductible Option – On Most Everything

Health Insurance, Auto Insurance and Homeowners are the main types of ongoing insurance that allows you more control in your cost via the deductible.

The Auto Insurance Examplecrash-test-1620591__480

One of the easiest examples is the good old automobile insurance. We like high deductibles of near one thousand dollars due to the tremendous longer term premium savings that will occur over time. We certainly acknowledge that changing your coverage deductible to a higher amount today and having an accident tomorrow is bad luck and will throw you into the hole, but over time, if you are not a repeat offender, your saved premiums will more than pay for the higher deductible.

Health Insurance Example

Let’s face it, the insurance industry wants us as consumers to take more control over our medical expenses. Rather than run, embrace this coming inevitable change, and review higher deductible health insurance plans. Similar to the Auto example, if you opt for a higher deductible plan and something happens in the very short term, you will be in the hole on this decision, however time is your friend.  Having your health coverage pay for that visit to the Dr. for a cold is nice, and may make you feel good after you leave the office, however if you dig deeper, it is likely you may be paying dearly for the “free” visit.

Homeowners Insurance Deductible

Yep, there is a higher deductible option for your homeowners policy as well. This option is usually in the form of a percent of the dwelling. Be careful when reviewing these options as our experience has shown premiums and out of pocket costs can vary greatly depending on the geographic area of your dwelling and a higher percentage deductible can get out of hand if you are not careful on a higher priced dwelling. Bottom line, the homeowners policy has more moving parts due to the differences in coverages, geographic area, dwelling itself and your claim history. Take extra time in adjusting this deductible, but once you get clear on all costs, obligations and options, it’s likely you will find savings in this as well.

Have a Great “High Deductible Savings” Day!

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Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
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October 2016 Video, Financial Planning Tips and Economic Review- By John Kvale

Here is our October 2016, Financial Planning Tip (S) and Monthly Economic Review, along with a Video for your viewing and listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy!

October 2016 Video


Financial Planning Tip(s) –

Charitable Giving from An IRA

Yes we CAN finally donate funds from an IRA, as our post reminds, as long as we meet the following requirements:

  1. Already be age 70 ½ on the date of distribution
  2. Submit a distribution form to the IRA custodian, requesting that the check be made payable directly to the charity
  3. Ensure that no tax withholding is being done
  4. Send the check directly to the charity, or to the IRA owner to be forwarded along to the charity

Tricks for Getting Health Insurance

Here are a few great ideas we have learned over the years, as mentioned here for getting Health Coverage:

  •  Stay on your significant others coverage as long as possible
  • Be a member of a select group-
  • Create a Group
  • Six month Cobra Extension
  • Employer Qualified Long Term Benefits
  • Military Members 

Cool College Review Information

Our somewhat humorous, but handy review of Princeton College Ranking Review.  Some good and others, well maybe you would rather not be a part.

Economic Update

Banks are Lending



On the far right…. look at that money dripping out of the banks and into the US Economy….

Speaking of Economy, how about this NICE GDP (Gross Domestic Production) release- Far right graph bar rising… THAT’s GOOD!



Have a Great Day!

See you next month !

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Tricks to getting Health Insurance Coverage

The most challenged group of folks we find having trouble finding good reasonable health insurance coverage are the retirees who have not yet reached that magical age of 65, when Medicare is available. Followed closely by the individual business owner or individual who for whatever reason is not covered by Health Insurance.

Tricks for Getting Health Coveragehealth-insurance

What follows are our favorite techniques for getting coverage before age 65. As you may know, health coverage is under the microscope and the industry is changing fast. We are not experts in the Health field, and these are not recommendations, however we have seen all of these techniques used with positive results.

  • Stay on your significant others coverage as long as possible– If your significant other has group coverage and you retire before they are eligible for Medicare, check if your significant other can continue the coverage and be sure to see how long. Many times coverage can be continued for an extended time.
  • Be a member of a select group – (Our favorite Trick) Many organizations offer group coverage. Generally the harder to get into the organization, the better the coverage. If you really rack your brain, almost all of us, at one time or another have been a member of an industry specific organization. Check your organization out, a renewal may save you a tremendous amount of money and garner greater coverage.
  • Create a Group– (Another favorite trick) If you have 1099 income or are working at a small business, generally it only takes two folks to make a group. A group plan pulls you out of the individual pool and many times garners a better and more comprehensive coverage at a better price. Only a solo person? Hire someone that helps and may need coverage too and can help your business!
  • Six month Cobra Extension– (New to our bag of tricks) While this technique does not give you permanent full coverage, it may get you far enough on the calendar/age clock to help. Many states have a six month, state supported continuance that adds another six months to your coverage. You need to call your former employer and ask for the extension, if available.
  • Employer Qualified Long Term Benefits– In many cases, employees working longer than 10 years and over the age of 50-55 MAY be covered via a group long term health benefit-permanent plan. We have seen several cases where you must ask to get the benefit. Do not be afraid to ask. Also, many of these benefits are only available once, so be very careful in cancelling this coverage for another as you may NEVER have an option to get the coverage again!
  • Military Members – USAA- Family members and close relatives may be available for coverage in certain instances.

By now you may have noticed we have not mentioned the basic coverage available to everyone. Generally we have found that these plans are not as comprehensive as the other options. The good news is they are available to all in most cases.

Going without coverage for even a day can open yourself to terrible expense in the worst case scenario!

Hopefully this article may help trigger thought of possible coverage should you be in need!

Have a Great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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The HSA – Health Savings Account – If you can, fund it !

This week we bring you another tax strategy that may save you extra dollars, while not mandatory before the end of the year – we find it MUCH less confusing to synch the year – make the deposit in the year of the deduction.

Recently in our end of the year tax strategies, we visited Pushing Income , Optimizing Donations, the week prior of IRA Distribution, and the week prior to that a Roth Conversion  to maximize your tax deductions. This weeks topic is simple, the HSA ! HSA

If you have a “High Deductible” health insurance plan – many more do recently, to smartly save on monthly premiums – if you can fund an HSA – DO SO NOW! 


Here are the limits from our friends at HSA Bank – (one of our favorite HSA investment options- there are many):

HSA 15 - 16 Limits HSA Bank


  • Age 55 – Not 50 for catch up increases
  • Almost without regard to investment, the tax savings are worth it
  • Pre-tax savings for future use or today
  • Pre-tax payments for today or tomorrow

These are just a few examples!

While we do not offer HSA savings plans, they are worth the time and effort to set up, the tax savings are terrific!

Any questions– just reach out- we will be glad to help!

Have a Great — Less Taxable — Day!

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Attention all small groups and individual Health Insurance holders….How the Affordable Health Care Act will affect you?

At the end of 2013, the Affordable Health Care Act will begin enacting with October 1, 2013 being the open enrollment for many with new health coverage.  Before we go further, we want to let you know this is not our area of core competence, and much of this may change, however we wanted to deliver to you what we have experienced so far as well as let you know our recommendation.Health Care Reform

Three Options for Your Health Insurance

If you fall into the small group or individual policy health plan (J.K. Financial, Inc. is the former, such our experience so far) you have several options coming your way soon.

  1. Keep your current coverage and continue with no changes. By doing nothing you will be electing this option, which we do not recommend!
  2. Pull your current renewal date to December 1st 2013. We recommend you strongly consider this option as it will extend your current coverage until Dec 2014 and give you the most options.  It is our understanding that all carriers are giving their clients the option to change their renewal date and are will be notifying this option via mail shortly.
  3. Elect/Opt into the new government options available in January of 2014. We do not know what this is or the details and as such cannot recommend this at this time.

Every situation is different, so please review carefully, however it is our opinion that option two allows the most flexibility, and it is because of this reason we favor it over the others.

If you have questions feel free to email us for greater clarity and details, and remember there may be changes as we get closer to the end of the year.

Have a Great Monday!

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