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Warren Buffett, Back of the Napkin Market Valuation Tracker … Part 1 in Market Valuation Review Series

With on-line investment animal spirits accelerating in some of their antic spirits, we thought it a good time for a calmer, longer term view of some high level market valuation views.

Oh … have not heard of the animal spirits? …. Let me digress for just a minute. A collective group of folks are ganging up on companies that have large short interest. Short Interest? This means company’s who’s stocks have large amounts of investors betting the company will go bankrupt or at least eventually lose value. As we say often, when everyone is on one side of the trade/theory/belief, this can cause vulnerability on the opposite side. When a group gets together and buys in mass, a largely shorted company stock, it can cause a short squeeze, similar to the afore mentioned Tesla…

You may say “So What” and that is fair, but this can cause other areas of the market to become frothy (which we have been speaking of before) and it also speaks to the recklessness of a investor behaviors and their disregard for any type of safety.

Buffett VERY High Level Market Indicator Flashing Caution

Warren Buffett aka the Oracle of Omaha due to his investing prowess, rarely gives any of his broad market comments and always qualifies that he has no idea where the markets will go… as do we!


Price is what you pay, Value is what we get!

Chart Via Jill Mislinski 1-5-21 (Advisor Perspectives)

That’s an all time high/expensive aka NOT CHEAP- just saying!

Let’s be careful out there! Anyone remember what cop show this quote was from?

Have a Great “Buffett Indicator Flashing Red” Day!

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The Oscars – Warren Buffet Annual Letter

Last night the annual Oscar Awards were announce — how could we nerd such an awesome event out? – Not completely – please read on…

In cruising around looking for the nominees we ran into a this neat CNET article showing all the differing ways to stream every thing from the Red Carpet to each actors individual seating place… pretty cool to us – showing the neat ways technology has changed our lives

BTW Happy to have seen most of these this year!

Did your favorite win?

Best Picture

“Black Panther”
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
“The Favourite”
“Green Book”
“A Star Is Born”

Warren Buffet Annual Letter

Staying with annual events, Warren Buffet, legendary investor, who has built a large empire, released his annual report  to the public over the weekend.

This annual letter, read by ourselves as well as many both in and out of our business left us with a few thoughts…

  • Favorite comment this year – Focus on the Forest not the Trees
  • Follow/copy Buffet at your own risk as his decisions are far different than most – mandated large
  • Hope we have the same senses at his age – incredible
  • Prices are high for long term viable businesses
  • Buy for the long term
  • Innocent Fudge turns into full fledge fraud

Warren is likely to never be duplicated – lots to learn, both envious, and thoughtful of differences!

Have a Great “Annual Event” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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Conflicting Opinions – Why investing is so fun or hard – depending on your perspective!

Recent Stately Forecasts by Legendary Investors:

Carl Icahn “Danger Ahead

David Tepper ” Take Money Off the Table

Jeremy Siegel ” This is a minor correction …. Dow 19000 by years end


The answer we find is pretty simple:

J.K. Financial, Inc.  “Never Go All in or all out!”

Have a happy, “un-conflicted” day !

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Warren Buffet Asks for Higher Taxes (On Super Rich)

This morning, the New York Times is running a special Opinion article from Warren Buffet.

Mr.Buffet, not a stranger to championing higher taxes, mentions his rate as 17.4%, netting him a tax bill of just under $7 million on an approximate gross income of $40 million for 2010.  Buffet compares this rate with his carried interest income (private equity/hedge fund) friends who pay 15% on much of their income, to other workers in a much higher bracket but with lower incomes.

Mr. Buffet chides the politicians as “having a friend” in high places to help him and other super rich friends pay lower taxes, even as they do not need it.

Mr. Buffet’s candid comments may lead to a few less holiday cards from his fellow “super rich” friends, however, his line in the sand seems to be far higher than the $200k incomes often spoken of during political debates.

Interesting food for thought!

Have a Good Day!